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What You Should Know About Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos offer bonuses to their players, especially to those who have become regular in their websites. Because of the advantages of such bonuses, these are welcomed by online casino players. Unfortunately, such bonuses can also become the source of contention between the online casino and its players.

The most usual case is that the casino player firmly believes that he can avail of the bonuses, but apparently, he is not yet qualified to use the bonus. The player claims that he has been misled, while the online casino insists that there has been a misunderstanding. Such a situation frustrates the online casino player.

To avoid anymore frustrations regarding bonuses, an online casino player should be aware of these basic ideas about such online casino bonuses.

1. No casino bonus is offered or given unconditionally. To avail of the casino bonuses, a player must first do something for the casino. Usually, he should register first and meet a minimum amount of play. A casino bonus, after all, is very similar to those comps offered by land-based casinos.

2. To know the conditions attached to the use of the online casino bonus, a player must find the “rules” or “terms and conditions” that governs the bonuses. If a player neglects to read such terms and conditions, he will definitely miss out on the opportunity to use the bonuses.

3. An online casino player should communicate with the online casino’s customer service department. He may verify, check, and confirm his comprehension or understanding of the rules regarding the use of bonuses. The casino player should not worry about asking seemingly idiotic questions. After all, there are times when the terms and conditions become equivocal or vague.

4. Usually, the amount of the bonus that is given to the player is equal to the amount that the player has used or sent to the online casino. That is, if the player has deposited $200, he becomes entitled to a bonus of $200. A bonus that is equivalent to 500% of the money wagered by the online casino player may not be a real bonus at all. In such situations, the online casino player should carefully read again the “terms and conditions”.

5. Winning is not a requirement to obtain the bonus. This means that a player may keep on losing his present game but he may still be given a bonus. Thus, a player need not wait for a win before planning to obtain the bonus.

6. Some casinos offer referral bonuses. But an online casino player may avail such bonuses only when the person that he has referred has actually joined the online casino and has sent his real money deposit to the casino. This means the player who has entered many names in the referral page may not get any referral bonus simply because none of the people he has listed has joined the online casino.

7. There are several unscrupulous online casino players out there who play only the required minimum so that they can use the bonuses. Such people are being electronically identified and labeled a “bonus taker”. When an online casino player is identified as a “bonus taker”, the casino has the right to withhold the bonuses.

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