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The Game of Keno in a Glance

Keno traces its origin back to China centuries ago. Keno is one of the oldest games that has managed to survive until this time. Keno landed on U.S. shores back in the 19th century, finding a permanent place in the casinos based in Las Vegas, where Keno continues to enjoy immense popularity and support.

Keno is very similar to lottery because a player has to pick numbers also. It possesses a large casino edge, which is around 30% percent, in fact one of the biggest casino edges. But despite the large casino edge, the game still remains popular because of the big payout that it gives to its winners.

But players are also playing the game because of its advantage in placing minimal wagers, which can be small as ten cents. The rules in Keno are really simple to understand especially in online casino. Players usually choose from the two to ten or can select up to fifteen numbers on the keno board, which has 80 numbers.

Each number that the player will choose is called a "spot" which only means that if a player picks five numbers, they will have a total of five spots. The amount wagered will not change on how many numbers that the player will pick, just the odds in the game.

The bet will cover the entire Keno ticket no matter what numbers are picked by the player. After the player has picked their numbers, 20 of the 80 numbers will be now drawn randomly. Depending on the numbers that he has chosen, the winner will then get his winnings accordingly. All of the casino payouts and bet restrictions are usually the same for an online casino.

Usually, a keno casino lounge that can be found in Las Vegas will pay around $50,000 dollars and will allow a wager of about 5 cents. Online keno casinos have different payout tables.

In an online casino, the player will be also shown a board of 80 numbers. The player just needs to click the "wager stake selector" to make the bet smaller or bigger. It is just the same in a land based casino with the difference of the player needs to do everything by clicking his mouse on the areas that he needs to. Once the player has chosen all of his numbers, he can then click the play button to start picking the Keno balls randomly. After the twenty numbers have been picked, the winning and losing sides will be flashed on the screen. The player will be given the choice on whether he wants to play again with the same numbers or restart all over again and pick new numbers.