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Why to make the leap online?

Why to make the leap online?

More hands

The first thing you'll likely notice about online poker is the speed of play. Hands that would take several minutes to play in a club, whiz by in a fleeting few seconds on the computer. Players don't wait their turn to read hands because hole cards come face-up automatically. And they can act on those cards immediately, clicking the option to fold, call the big blind, double the bet, or bet the pot. Many times, half the table acts in unison, folding around to the button or the small blind in one split second.

No wasted time

There is no scrambling, shuffling, or cutting of the cards, and no stacking of chips, further condensing play. In tournaments, with the clock ticking, this is an enormous factor and can change strategies considerably.

No confusion

Disputes are a thing of the past online. There are no misdeals, miscounts, or misreads. The only mistakes online are made by players.

No tipping

Casino employees make a substantial portion of their earnings in tips, and it is important to tip anyone who provides any service at the club. Where I play, lower-level tournament winners are expected to tip the dealers between 5 and 10%, and rightly so. It takes many man-hours to work a 20-table rebuy tournament.

No deal making

Yes, sometimes this can cost you, but most online tournaments force you to play out the final table, with no chopping. This is invaluable experience and sometimes leads to much bigger paydays if you had made a deal.

No inconvenience

Online, in the comfort of your own home, you'll be competing with players from around the world, in every time zone. So whatever your schedule, you can always find a game.

No obnoxious behavior.

Online, you can chat with other players if you like, or not. Generally, I enjoy the company at the card table and have made some good friends there. But let's face it, people can get on your nerves. When that occurs, disable the chat. Sometimes silence is golden. I recommend online games for those who do best behind a computer screen. But if you like the excitement of live playing, chances are there are also online games going on at your local casino. Check your local casino listings for information on registering for the World Series of Poker and other upcoming events. Remember for a simple buy in and a click of a mouse or a trip to the casino, you could be the next millionaire winner of Big Money tournaments around the world, playing the best, and becoming an over night star!