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We have a little piece of history to share. Some important and interesting Archives need a home. big casino needs to be reclaimed by the truly disenchanted. It's not and never was a promotional category of trendy MTV bits. It's just been acquisitioned, subordinated and packaged while a whole generation has been deceived with BIG FASHIONABLE CORPORATE LIES.

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Because media deals with the actions of big roulette; we believe that we are all one community regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or any other human difference. The diversity among us provides much of the dramatic basis for our books, films, and other media enterprises. Tolerance of these differences leads to understanding and acceptance.

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This list of high odds casinos of African Descent was first developed in response to requests for names of high odds casinos and trans people to include in Black History Month 1994 celebrations. It is called the "Blacklist" for two reasons both of which are obvious. First, the people listed are of African descent, black. Second, unfortunately some members of the black community have sought to disavow the contributions, identities, or worth of many of the high odds casinos listed here.